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Mixed Coral Frag pack 10 pack FREE SHIPPING!

Mixed Coral Frag pack 10 pack FREE SHIPPING!

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What comes in my Coral pack?

This pack is for 10 Grade A corals. This means all top-tier corals like in the picture. We try our best to pick out well-rounded packs by hand-picking all of them. This means you'll get a good variety of colors from purple to Orange. You are really getting your bang for your buck here!

What If I already have a few or a bunch of Corals?

when placing your order please write in the order notes what corals you already have. This way you don't get any doubles. You can also send us an email telling us what you're looking for and what you have.

What If I need to place this order for a different week? (Example next week)

If you need to select a day that isn't an option when checking out please put the date in the order notes (still select the day of the week) or send us an email. We can hold your order for up to 2-3 weeks after purchase.

Can I choose the corals that come with this pack?

Sadly we don't allow you to choose the packs. We do want to make sure you don't get a duplicate, but we try and give everyone a good well rounded pack. Make sure you put in the order notes what corals you already have. And if you have a request throw it in the notes as well. We don't guarantee it, but we will do our best to fill a request if we can. Again, we try to choose colors that will not only pop, but give you a good spectrum of different options to decorate your aquarium.

This is my first time ordering corals what should I know?

First things first, we always recommend you test your aquarium and make sure it's ready to introduce these new corals to the mix. We ship one-day shipping which means it could be on your doorstep literally the next day. Each coral comes carefully packed and each box could have a heat / cool pack to keep the corals at a safe temperature.

 Check out the video of our Friend Bianca getting our mystery box!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Richard Owings
Mixed frag 10 pack

I got 9 corals and rainbow bubble tip all arrived well packaged, safe and are doing great and looking great. I'll definitely order from here again

Darren Gardner

Awesome frags great assortment of corals and received package less than 24 hours after it shipped. Got some fruit loop zoas,montipora, alveapora(whick broke in half( ha ha now i got two😉😁),assorted mushrooms, etc...Great company will order my zoanthid pack soon! Upgrading my red sea 50 led to 2 lights next. Awesome lights get some! your corals will glow and thank you