No two corals are the same, which means they all require a different level of care. At the Koral Kingdom facility we rigorously control their environments from lighting to water movement. Traditionally, hard or SPS corals are not as flexible as soft corals which makes Mushrooms and Zoanthids favorites among both beginners and experienced reef-keepers. We do offer a number of hard corals that are also quite forgiving and seem to adapt well in our home aquariums. If you’re not sure where you fit in on your coral journey, don’t worry! Koral Kingdom has you covered, whether you are a veteran or placing your first coral into the water. We offer a broad variety of corals, below is a breakdown of the care you can expect for our corals ranging from 1-4.

    1. Low care -such as basic mushrooms.  Low lighting and low flow is generally associated with this level.

    2. Extra Touch -this may require specific placement for lighting and flow.  For example, a montipora will need more flow and light to thrive.

    3. Special needs -light and water movement are elevated here and require special care which will include nutrients, water movement and lighting.

    4. Expert Care -parameters to be monitored such as po4, no3, and other elements.  Keep in mind, we also provide all the same care outlined in the aforementioned levels.  For example (Blood Shots and high level Acropora)

    In addition to the levels of care we provide, you will also notice the level of light we keep our corals at. The light requirement may vary in your tank as we normally provide our tanks with a heavy amount of nutrition. We classify lighting on a 1-3 scale. 1) low 2) medium 3) high. Below is what you will need for a basic understanding of what each coral’s typical light level would be. Please keep in mind these are guidelines and you may have to make adjustments based off of factors specific to your environment.

    Mushrooms – Low

    Zoanthids – Medium

    SPS – Medium to High

    Anemones – Low to medium

    LPS Low

    Water movement is another important component of a coral’s health.  This can be tricky as the swells can potentially overwhelm a coral.  Our advice is to keep a close eye on everyone in the tank.  We can forget that corals feel uncomfortable and may even tear under flow that isn’t specifically curated for them.  You will find a scale of 1-3 on the description page of each coral to categorize the water movement.  1) low flow 2) medium flow 3) high flow.  Below are some examples:

    Mushrooms – Low

    Zoanthids – Medium

    SPS – Hight

    Anemones – Low/Medium

    LPS – Medium

    Let’s talk about tanks!  We carefully adjust each tank to meet what we see as the ideal parameters to promote the wellbeing of our corals. For many, this can be the most difficult part so we hope you find this information valuable. It is important for you to create a process that works for you to keep these levels as consistent as possible.  It has taken years for us to fully master our process and we will happily share our tips and tricks.  Keep an eye out for some helpful videos that will be posted soon.

    Salinity 1.026

    Calcium – 450

    Alkalinity 8.2 – 8.6

    Magnesium -  1400

    Po4 - .01

    Koral Kingdom strives to match the state of natural sea water as closely as possible.  We take our pH levels very seriously.  In an ordinary reef tank you would find a pH of around 7.8 but here at Koral Kingdom we take our tanks to 8.2.  Not to worry, this will not be the demise of your tank by any means! This is a part of the process we have developed to maximize both growth and health, allowing us to achieve our best results.  Along with this pH monitoring, we have incorporated giving our corals many supplements.  We love supplying aminos and plankton blends for our corals to consume.  We believe a lot of these nutrients lead to more color and growth.Koral Kingdom is always here to help and we can’t wait to help you along your journey! We enjoy seeing and hearing from our customers, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns.