• The Wave

    Koral Kingdom is a coral import and propagation store located in South Florida.  What began as a simple hobby has matured into an intense passion to provide the best health and care for the corals we produce. We are proud to provide our customers with the highest quality corals only achieved by the continuous dedication of our team.

  • Without water there will be no life

    Without water there would be no Koral Kingdom. We ensure that every drop that flows through our aquariums is perfectly measured to support the fragile balance of marine life. Our goal is to treat these corals with the same respect and lifestyle they experience in the open oceans. Our passion to master how to properly nurture these corals keeps us up at night, each element of the delicate ecosystem is carefully curated to mimic that of their natural environment. That being said, our greatest hope is that when you open a box from Koral Kingdom you are assured that you are holding your very own piece of the world’s most beautiful oceans. The knowledge of how fragile these animals are is why transparency is of utmost importance to us at Koral Kingdom. Our parameters are published on our website and we are eager to give as much advice as necessary so that when these corals leave us they are given the best life possible. We are here to answer any questions you may have as there is no better feeling than gazing into the colorful homes of these corals and wish nothing but the same for you.

  • Our Team

    Our team is comprised of a small group of individuals that discovers something new each time they look into a tank. This began as a hobby for us years ago and it has only grown with each and every day. It is time we share our passion with this amazing community and hope that you can welcome our corals into your lives.