Question: How are my Corals shipped? Each coral is carefully packaged to its specific needs. We give all of our effort into packing the coral so that its journey to your door is a safe and efficient. We ship with heat and cooling packs so that your corals stay at the optimal temperature. When can I expect My order? We ship Fedex AM so you can expect your order around 9-12 next business day. When checking out you will also be prompted to choose the best available day for your delivery. When are new corals posted? Normally we post new corals daily. However, keep a lookout for our newsletter updating you when we get large shipments in. What food does KK feed their corals? At the time Koralkingdom is using Red Sea AB+ What additives does KK use? Koral kingdom mainly uses Brightwell Aquatics products, but if there is a certain area that you’re curious about are happy to share that with you. Shoot and email to us and we will assist the best we can What lights does KK use? Koral Kingdom uses Oprhek lighting on all of our tanks.