Collection: Montipora

Find encrusting Montipora for sale in our Montipora coral selection. Montipora is one of our favorite and most popular small polyp stony (SPS) coral at Koral Kingdom. These radiant Monti coral frags are easy to care for, as they prefer medium lighting and a higher level of water circulation and flow. It’s important to situate Montipora away from any aggressive corals (Montipora are generally not aggressive) and with an abundance of room to grow. With the number of shapes this coral has been known to grow in, our Montipora coral is sure to add some interest and electrifying beauty to your tank. At Koral Kingdom, we keep our Monti coral in the ideal environments so they can be easily integrated into your tanks, and our Process page outlines the best parameters for every coral. Some of our favorite Montipora corals include the purple and red MontiSeasons Greetings Montipora, and purple montipora with neon green polyps.