Collection: Euphyllia

Explore our beautiful selection of Euphyllia coral frags that come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Euphyllia corals are unique and desirable because they can quickly grow into large colony sizes with very little care, perfect for novices and experts alike. If you're looking for the best place to find Euphyllia coral for sale, look no further than the Koral Kingdom. Our aquarists have years of experience in caring for Euphyllia corals and other coral reef species.

Euphyllia Coral – Let’s Go With The Flow

Euphyllia, a category of LPS coral, are an essential for reef aquarists to keep in their tanks; they are known for having a sizable stone-esque skeleton and polyps that resemble tenticles similar to what you might see with an anemone.

Reef aquarists of all skill levels love euphyllia coral for their easy care level and their variety of shapes and sizes. With the proper care and dedication, saltwater aquarists can pick up euphyllia for sale here at Koral Kingdom and transform their tank into an iconic aquascape that's sure to catch anyone's eye.

Live coral euphyllia thrive under stable water conditions, proper lighting, good water flow and healthy nutrition. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions for the euphyllias for sale on our site.


Most Euphyllia corals are generally forgiving and/or tolerant of different lighting conditions. You'll be able to place them almost anywhere except the most shaded or brightest positions in your tank. However, Euphyllia coral is quite sensitive to sudden changes in light intensity, so it's important to first place them at the bottom of your tank or in a corner during the acclimation process and slowly move them up. Light spectrums also give a large benefit too. Here at Koralkingdom we give them mostly blue light with about 4 hours of white, green, and red. When it comes to the Euphyllia for sale here at Koral Kingdom, we suggest giving them moderate lighting by placing them in the middle to top range of your saltwater aquarium. After a slow and steady acclimation, you could also place them higher in the water column, as live coral Euphyllia are known to show off their eye-popping in quality lights. We keep these corals under a verity of lights which include Aqua illuminations, Orphek Leds, and Radions. Be careful not to introduce them too quickly – we always suggest playing it safe. We recommend a Par level of around 50 – 150 Par. We have successfully kept them at 200 but, recommend them closer to 125.


Euphyllia corals have photosynthetic algae in their cells, providing them with a lot of extra energy from sunlight and lighting given by our LEDs. However, they do love to eat – feeding them will help increase their color, overall health and encourage them to breed and spread. We see lots of growth and splitting of our Euphyllia from feeding. Some things you can feed live coral Euphyllia include:

• Special Coral Reef Food (Reef Roids)

• Brine Shrimp, Krill, Plankton & Copepods

• Rotifers, Bloodworms & Lancefish

• Pellet foods work well for us too here at Koralkingdom

Since your food mixture will be generally thicker and heavier than your water, using a turkey baster or pipette to shoot it at your Euphyllia coral should do the trick. It will land gently on the polyp, which you'll then slowly fold inward towards the mouth. It's fascinating to see and will help keep your Euphyllia coral healthy and thriving. Remember – photosynthesis is only half of the story when feeding Euphyllias.


Some of the more delicate Euphyllia Colonies for sale here at Koral Kingdom may take a couple of days to open fully after they arrive on your doorstep. If you just bought your Euphyllias, don't worry if they don't open right away. However, if they were previously open and have now closed, you should take a good look at your water parameters. The first thing you should check is your salinity and pH levels – Euphyllia corals can close if these are thrown out of balance. Don't try to handle them without gloves and never try to force open their polyps if they close. We always recommend Animo acids and Trace elements to be added to your tank in small quantities to help encourage corals to open and respond to the nutrients. Another reason for the closed Euphyllia is lack of flow or too high flow. We never want to place Euphullia in higher flow because the water movement could tear away at the tentacles. A slow to moderate pulse of water to move and sway the tips of torches, hammers, and frogspawns is the way to go.

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