Collection: LPS

Large Polyp Stony coral, otherwise known as LPS coral, are one of Koral Kingdom's favorite sections. LPS coral are great options for the beginner to advanced aquarist as they suit almost every level of experience in the hobby. Found on the tables of our Process page we give you a small look at the care level needed for each frag or colony. From small Gonipora Frags to large meat corals (Acanthophyllia) we offer some of the best and healthiest LPS coral for sale anywhere. We’ve collected a bountiful assortment of Large Polyp Stony corals including Acans, Donut Corals, Plate Corals, Euphyllia (Torch, Octospawn, Frogspawn, Hammer), Fungia Corals, Open Brains, Scolymia, and more! Buy LPS coral as you scroll through our Large Polyp Stony Coral section!