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Browse our collection of some of the most vibrant and beautiful Chalice coral for sale online. If you’re looking to add bright and vibrant new reefs to your aquarium, then a Chalice coral is perfect. Regarded as some of the most aggressive species, Chalice corals don’t like to be near other Chalice corals as they’ll fight and sting for dominance. However, our Chalice corals for sale are relatively easy to take care of and only need a few water flow, lighting, and feeding accommodations.

Chalice Coral – Fit for a King

Chalice coral, another category of LPS coral, are an increasingly rare asset for any reef aquarist to keep in their tanks. Unique colors and patterns are what drive interest in these corals, but due to recent shipping bans around Indonesia and Fiji these are becoming harder to find.

Fortunately, we’ve got what you need here at Koral Kingdom. Chalice corals aren’t very difficult to maintain with the proper foresight and precautions and when you let them grow they can be immensely rewarding.

Chalice corals can be a bit aggressive, but luckily we’ve got the information you’ll need below to ensure you can make these a successful part of your tank.


Chalice corals prefer low to moderate light, around 50-100 PAR. They will go towards the bottom of your tank. Specifically, they thrive under stable water parameters.


Chalice corals have photosynthetic algae in their cells, providing them with a lot of extra energy from sunlight, however, they can still be fed. Their feeding progress can be difficult to ascertain as they lack polyphs; chalices instead make use of their mucus coat to capture and pull food to their mouths.

• . Special Coral Reef Food (Reef Roids)

• Brine Shrimp, Krill, Plankton & Copepods

• Rotifers, Bloodworms & Lancefish

• Red Sea AB+Amino Acids and Trace Elements

Since your food mixture will be generally thicker and heavier than your water, using a turkey baster or pipette to shoot it at your chalice coral should do the trick. The chalice will then use its mucus exterior to feed itself. It's fascinating to see and will help keep your chalice coral healthy and thriving.


Chalice corals are one of the more aggressive coral species. Sweeper tentacles aren’t commonly seen however any contact between these and another coral will produce volatile results. Make sure to give chalices enough space between themselves and other coral, and factor in their expected growth when doing so.

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