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At Koral Kingdom, we hold the acronym WYSIWYG close to our hearts – what you see is what you get. Shopping for coral online can be a challenge for reef hobbyists. With some retailers, you never know what might show up on your doorstep. That's why we take pride in eliminating the risk with our WYSIWYG coral. When you purchase WYSIWYG coral frags from Koral Kingdom, you're buying the exact coral pictured, hand-picked for its vibrant color, beautiful structure and picture-perfect health. When it comes to our WYSIWYG coral, we don't categorize by color or species. We try to update our listings daily with our healthiest specimens, so you can receive a unique coral frag suited to grow and reproduce in your tank. All of our WYSIWYG coral for sale is packaged by a trained aquaculture technician to ensure it remains healthy during transit. Browse through our constantly updating list of WYSIWYG coral below – you'll find species such as ZoanthidsMontiporaSPSLPS and more.

Bring New Life to Your Tank with WYSIWYG Coral Frags

As a reef aquarist, it might be hard to describe the feeling you get from looking in your tank every day and seeing it teeming with life and the unmatched beauty of the ocean. At Koral Kingdom, we understand that feeling and are proud to offer our customers the highest quality WYSIWYG coral in the industry. Just like you, we bring passion and care to each of our WYSIWYG frags, so they can grow to be the healthiest specimens suited for your tank. Discover the joy of adding healthy, colorful and unique WYSIWYG coral to your tank at Koral Kingdom. And remember, what you see is what you get.


If you're new to the world of saltwater aquariums, you might be asking yourself, "What is a WYSIWYG coral frag?" Don't worry; you're not alone. Becoming a reef aquarist is an enriching experience – but one that takes a lot of effort, patience and research. WYSIWYG frags are fragments of a unique coral, carefully detached from the main colony and placed in a separate environment to heal and regrow. It's a highly delicate process and one that can be repeated many times once the frag grows to a suitable size in your tank. All of our WYSIWYG corals go through this process, so you can add color, depth and diversity to your tank. Each frag in our shop is detached, photographed and kept healthy by our team of experts until it ships to you to live a long life in your saltwater aquarium.


When you choose WYSIWYG corals from Koral Kingdom, you're opening a new world of possibilities for your tank. Of course, the most obvious reason to buy WYSIWYG coral comes down to looks. With WYSIWYG coral frags, you're getting an exact profile of how your specimen will look in your tank. Coral comes in an astonishing variety of dazzling colors and unique patterns to bring new life to any tank. You'll be able to choose the WYSIWYG coral that compliments more than just your tank – coral has a fantastic ability to liven up any room you keep your tank in. Coral adds allure, color, dimension and movement to any saltwater tank simply with its presence. In addition to looks and aesthetics, the life of your saltwater tank can benefit significantly with the addition of WYSIWYG coral – just like in the ocean. Once your WYSIWYG coral frag has grown to a suitable size, it can provide a home for the saltwater fish in your aquarium, help keep them calm and provide a place to hide at night. The addition of WYSIWYG coral creates a much-needed balance for fish, crabs and other sea life present in a healthy tank.


Coral frags are delicate specimens that can only thrive in the right environment. You'll need to conduct a serious amount of research and have the proper equipment to keep your new frag healthy and growing. Every WYSIWYG coral frag is different, and we offer a wide variety of diverse species here at Koral Kingdom. How you care for your WYSIWYG coral will change depending on the species you choose, but there are several tips every budding reef aquarist should know before they buy WYSIWYG coral. To start, you'll need adequate lighting. The different species of WYSIWYG coral we offer require different types of lighting. Some can only thrive on moderate lighting and may become bleached if it is too intense, while others can change colors if the lighting is too low.

You'll also need to consider the quality of the water present in your tank. Some coral frags require "dirty" water to feed and absorb the necessary nutrients they need to survive, while others prefer clean tanks with specific chemical balances for good skeletal growth.

Our final quick tip concerns water flow. While it may seem small, all of our WYSIWYG coral require some type of water flow to survive. While some require a moderate flow to clean detritus that may settle on their polyps, others require a strong water flow to mimic their home in the ocean and may die without it. To take care of your WYSIWYG coral frag, we strongly recommend you do the proper research on your exact species of coral. You'll want to pay close attention to aggressiveness, water flow, lighting and water quality.

  • Discover the Beauty of WYSIWYG Coral at Koral Kingdom

    Whether you're a new reef hobbyist looking for your very first piece of WYSIWYG coral or a seasoned veteran looking for the final frag in a near-perfect tank, Koral Kingdom has the specimens you're looking for. Propagated with passion and nurtured in a delicate ecosystem curated to mimic their exact place in the ocean, we have WYSIWYG coral for sale that's ready to live a long life in your tank. We know how delicate these creatures are and account for every variable when it comes time to ship to you. Shop WYSIWYG coral today, and have a little piece of the vast ocean right in your own home. If you have any questions about our WYSIWYG coral, check out ourFAQ page. Or, feel free tocontact us. Our dedicated team of expert reef aquarists are happy to help.