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Pick Up a Sea Anemone for Your Saltwater Aquarium

Sea anemones are attractive and exciting additions to any saltwater aquarium, and their symbiotic relationship with different species of clownfish can make them even more desirable to many reef aquarists. There are many different species of sea anemones, but carpet anemones are some of the most impressive available. They can reach truly incredible sizes when given proper care and can be a host to any number of clownfish. Just like some species of coral, anemones are best suited for more advanced aquarists because they can be pretty challenging to maintain. They, unfortunately, tend to have low success rates, so we advise most beginners to stay away.


Many sea anemones, especially carpet anemones, contain zooxanthellae in their tissues. Anemones, like coral that is photosynthetic, rely heavily on strong lighting to stay healthy – they can't rely strictly on the food you provide for them, no matter how much you give them. They don't require a full-blown coral reef lighting system, but you'll need something more substantial than a standard fluorescent tube for any long-term success.

A general rule of thumb for proper sea anemone care is not to keep them under anything less than what you would give lower-light corals. At a minimum, you'll need a couple high–output fluorescent bulbs over a small to medium tank.


Most anemones for sale at Koral Kingdom can be picky about where they choose to live, so you should put some serious thought into where you're going to place your sea anemone before you buy. Remember, an unhappy sea anemone is an unhealthy sea anemone – placing them in the wrong spot won't be good for them. They can (and will) crawl around to look for a better area if they don't like the placement, but this can be a very bad thing. Many of the other immobile creatures in your tank could be killed if they come into contact with your carpet anemone. An easy option is to put your base rock and sea anemone into your aquarium first and let it settle where it wants before adding everything else. Once situated, sea anemones tend to stay put indefinitely.


Yes, you have to feed your sea anemone – more than you might initially think. In general, carpet anemones especially will eat large amounts. It's important to remember, sea anemones are carnivores and should be treated as such. You won't have to feed them every day. A good meal of anything made of flesh once or twice a week is enough to keep them healthy and growing.

Good sea anemone care means experimenting with different meaty foods to see what and how much it will eat. This can include brine shrimp, clam meat, whole shrimp and feeder fish like goldfish or guppies. To feed them, you can use a turkey baster to squirt smaller foods like the brine shrimp on their tentacles or use a wooden stick or your hand to deliver small fish.

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    Browse our constantly updating selection of sea anemones to find the newest addition to your tank today. Just like ourWYSIWYG coral, anemones for sale at Koral Kingdom come and go – if you're looking for a specific type like a carpet anemone, be sure to check back often to see our newest additions. Sea anemones can be quite a challenge, but we know you're up for the task. If you're looking for something a little easier, you can always view some of ourbeginner coraland work your way up to caring for sea anemones after some experience. And, if you need some more anemone care tips, check out ourprocesspage for some helpful information. If you have any other questions, you can alwayscontactour expert team of reef aquarists. We're always happy to help.