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Brightwell MicroBacter Start XLM 250ML

Brightwell MicroBacter Start XLM 250ML

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Introducing MicrōBacter Start XLM 15X, a professional-grade live tank starter bioculture with 15 times the strength, designed for swiftly cycling new marine fish and reef aquaria, as well as brackish aquariums. This potent bioculture is also invaluable for recovering from overcrowding or disasters that have compromised the bacteria bed, or when introducing new fish into your aquatic environment.

Key Benefits:

  • Facilitates rapid re-establishment of nitrifying bacteria in emergencies.
  • Particularly effective in densely populated aquariums and when adding new fish.
  • Aids in the restoration of nitrifying bacteria after cleaning rocks, surfaces, or the use of medications.
  • Quickly reduces ammonia and nitrite levels.
  • Prevents "New Tank Syndrome."
  • Formulated in a proprietary base for prolonged efficacy.
  • Developed based on extensive data compiled by microbiologists.

MicrōBacter Start XLM 15X effectively establishes a nitrifying biological filter in marine and brackish aquaria of all types. It excels in new aquarium setups, typically achieving cycling in approximately 5 to 7 days in most cases. This product efficiently removes toxic ammonia and nitrite through the action of non-pathogenic nitrifying bacteria. While it is highly potent, it can be overdosed at up to five times the recommended dosage during aquarium disturbances. It should be your first choice for addressing ammonia spikes caused by filter damage or overcrowding.

MicrōBacter Start XLM 15X is a concentrated blend of live, highly effective microbes and enzymes, rapidly reducing organic nitrogen concentrations such as ammonia and nitrite in marine and brackish ecosystems. This leads to significantly improved water quality and faster cycling. It is important to note that the use of MicrōBacter Start XLM does not eliminate the need for regular partial water changes, which are essential for maintaining proper elemental concentrations crucial for the long-term health of your aquarium inhabitants.

Additional Notes:

  • Clumping and an earthy odor in the product are normal occurrences. The aquarium water may temporarily become cloudy, and this condition may persist for several hours after use. This phenomenon is due to the bacteria themselves and is indicative of product quality. Thoroughly shake the product immediately before use.
  • It is recommended not to use any other type of bacterial product until the cycle with MicrōBacter Start XLM is complete. Avoid using live sand and especially dry-seeded artificial live rock, as they are not compatible with this nitrifying bacteria product and can significantly prolong the cycling process.
  • Store the product below 80°F for optimal longevity, and if possible, refrigerate it at 50°F. Do not freeze, as freezing can kill the bacteria. If the product becomes frozen, thaw it at room temperature; never use a microwave.

Regarding Substrates: Most aquarium bacteria, including those in MicrōBacter Start XLM, thrive on substrates, attaching themselves to surfaces such as rocks and piping. Many modern aquariums lack sufficient surface area. It is recommended to provide ample bacterial surface area by using porous natural aragonite live rock or additional filtration media, such as XportTM media, known for its superior surface area per unit volume. Avoid using dry-seeded artificial live rock, as it lacks the necessary porosity.

Instructions & Guidelines:

  1. Start by using Brightwell Erāse-Cl to completely remove chloramines and chlorine from tap water, as these substances are harmful to the bacteria in this product.
  2. Vigorously shake MicrōBacter Start XLM immediately before use.
  3. Add the appropriate volume of MicrōBacter Start XLM to the aquarium, preferably in a high-flow area to promote dispersion.
  4. Avoid using "live sand" or "dry-seeded artificial live rock" until cycling with this product is complete (several weeks). Instead, opt for aquacultured live rock, ocean-sourced rock, naturally cycled artificial rock, dry Florida aragonite, or other suitable options.
  5. Monitor ammonia and nitrite levels daily or as needed. If levels exceed 0.2 ppm, you can administer a lower dose of 10 ml per 25 US-gallons.
  6. Your tank is considered cycled when both ammonia and nitrite levels are consistently zero, and nitrate levels are well above zero. Do not add fish if either ammonia or nitrite levels are still elevated.
  7. To replace bacteria lost during extensive cleaning or due to medications or overcrowding, add 10 to 30 ml per 25 US-gallons, depending on the perceived damage to the filter bed and ammonia levels.
  8. In ongoing aquarium maintenance after cycling, switch to MicrōBacterClean after the tank has fully cycled and one week has passed. Optionally, you can introduce Reef BioFuelTM to provide a carbon source for MicrōBacterClean.
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