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Green Star Polyps GSP coral

Green Star Polyps GSP coral

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Waving Hands coral

What are Beginner Corals?

Beginner corals are normally the easiest to keep in a reef tank.  These Corals are known to do well in an aquarium first starting out.  They typically do well in low lighting and take Phosphates and nitrates a lot easier compared to other corals.  This coral also will take a hit if something in the aquarium is not perfect.

What should I feed my Beginner Corals?

Beginner corals will take a wide Verity of foods such as reef roids and other small micron foods. Here at Koral Kingdom we feed our Beginner corals amino acids that we pour in front of a power head. We also Broadcast feed our tanks Red Sea AB+ which helps them get the nutrients that they need.  Trace elements are also an important think to consider when thinking of what your beginner corals need.  These trace elements are found in natural sea water and help the corals stay healthy.


What Flow and Lighting do I need for my LPS Corals?

These corals are normally comfortable in any light. They take almost any food that is brought to them in the flow so we typically recommend them to be in a soft push from your power head.  We also don’t recommend tucking them under a rock or in a corner.  These corals typically will still do well, but wont grow at a good rate.


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