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CHAETOMORPHA (30ml) free shipping

CHAETOMORPHA (30ml) free shipping

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Live Macro Algae CHAETOMORPHA (300ml) Free FAST SHIP! Healthy Green refugium Algae

  • This listing is for 1 Cup of Chaetomorpha Macro Algae.
  • We will Ship with enough water to keep it wet and happy.  Once added to your aquarium it should grown and thrive.
  • We will guarantee Chaetomorpha for 2 Days after delivery which is much better than anyone else on the market! We take pride in our products and will stand by everything we ship.  (DOA is only Different for this listing)  All other DOA Rules apply apart from the duration of the extended 2 day warranty.  BUY WITH CONFIDENCE.
  • If you have any issues Koralkingdom will go above and beyond.  Please before you leave a review let us fix any problem you may have experienced. 
Chaetomorpha provides excellent control over undesirable microalgae. By outcompeting other nuisance algae for available nutrients, Chaetomorpha prevents their rapid growth and proliferation. Its dense and fast-growing nature allows it to shade out and starve off competing algae species, thus promoting a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing aquarium environment. As an added bonus, the tangled structure of Chaetomorpha acts as a mechanical filter, trapping debris and detritus, further improving water clarity.
If you have corals this is a must have to keep your tank healthy. It absolutely helps with your tanks ability to filter out the hard nutrients to control like phosphates and nitrates. Plus gives your tank a great space for pods to grow and thrive. Naturally feeding your fish.
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Customer Reviews

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As expected and alive.


Bigger and healthier than expected. Lots of pods and other good things packed inside. Definitely gave way more than I ordered. Thank you!