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Auto Top off for Saltwater Aquarium Water ATO System for Both Reef and Fresh Tank - Green

Auto Top off for Saltwater Aquarium Water ATO System for Both Reef and Fresh Tank - Green

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  • WHY YOU NEED ATO? - All Aquarium regularly evaporate water. In salt water Aquarium, as the water evaporates, the water level in Aquarium will drop and the salinity concentration will rise. Compared with other methods,The ATO system automatically maintains the water level in the aquarium, preventing fluctuations in salinity concentration and maintaining a stable and healthy environment for aquatic life.
  • SPACE-SAVING, COMPACT DESIGN - With a nano size of only 0.7 inches diameter, this Auto Top Off for aquariums is both unobtrusive and elegant, fitting seamlessly in rimmed or rimless tanks and sumps.
  • REAL-TIME PROTECTION WITH QST - Our ATO system carefully calculates and adjusts to the ideal fill time, offering visual alerts and stopping the pump if it detects a refilling time 6 times longer than expected, ensuring protection against overfilling, dry running, and sensor malfunctions.
  • EASY INSTALLATION & VERSATILE USE - The Auto Top Off kit includes everything you need for a hassle-free setup, making it simple to integrate into any rimmed or rimless aquarium. A perfect gift for aquarium enthusiasts, this system is a delightful surprise for friends and family alike.
  • TWO-YEAR WARRANTY & RESPONSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE - Your satisfaction is our priority, so we offer a two-year product warranty and friendly customer support to address any questions or concerns. Enjoy peace of mind with our free replacement policy and helpful assistance.

Product Description

All aquariums experience regular water evaporation. As the water evaporates, the aquarium's water level decreases, leading to an increase in salinity concentration, which can negatively impact your aquatic life. Manually adding fresh water is a tiresome yet crucial daily chore. Useek Auto top off systems automate this bothersome task, saving you time. ATO not only help maintain a consistent water level but also a stable salinity level, keeping your tank inhabitants content and healthy. Set off on a vacation with peace of mind, knowing your water levels are well managed!

Smart ATO is an automatic water replenishment system suitable for aquariums of any size. It combines ATO level sensors with fault safety sensors and integrates Quick Safety Technology (QST), providing real-time protection against any malfunction and detecting empty reservoirs.Smart ATO offers you a safe and stable automatic water replenishment option!

LED Indicators:

Red and Blue Alternating Flicker: Your device is currently booting up.

Blue LED:

  • Solid blue LED: Standby mode.
  • Slow flashing blue LED: Refilling water/starting water pump
  • Rapid flashing in a brief period: Water level has reached the HIGH sensor; anti-overfilling feature is activated.

Red LED Flicker:

1. Bubbling interference is present 2.Water tank is low on water.You need to clean the probe or move the sensor to a bubble-free area, or add water to the water storage tank.

ATO Sensor precision: 1mm

Power supply: AC 100-240V/50-60 Hz input, DC 12V/1A output.

Power cord length: 6 feet

Pump flow rate: 74 gallons/hour (270 liters/hour)

Pump cord length: 6 feet

Installation thickness: 15mm

Tubing: 6 feet, inner diameter 7mm

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