At Koral Kingdom, we hold the acronym WYSIWYG close to our hearts – what you see is what you get. Shopping for coral online can be a challenge for reef hobbyists. With some retailers, you never know what might show up on your doorstep. That's why we take pride in eliminating the risk with our WYSIWYG coral. When you purchase WYSIWYG coral frags from Koral Kingdom, you're buying the exact coral pictured, hand-picked for its vibrant color, beautiful structure and picture-perfect health. When it comes to our WYSIWYG coral, we don't categorize by color or species. We try to update our listings daily with our healthiest specimens, so you can receive a unique coral frag suited to grow and reproduce in your tank. All of our WYSIWYG coral for sale is packaged by a trained aquaculture technician to ensure it remains healthy during transit. Browse through our constantly updating list of WYSIWYG coral below – you'll find species such as ZoanthidsMontiporaSPSLPS and more.