Elegance corals in our aquariums and reefs

Elegance corals in our aquariums and reefs

Elegance corals in our Reef tanks

Elegance corals are a popular addition to saltwater fish tanks because of their striking appearance and elegant movements. These corals can vary in color from purple, green, and even pink. They have long, flowing tentacles that sway in the water, giving the impression of a flower swaying in the breeze. If you want to add elegance corals to your saltwater tank, you need to ensure that you give them the proper care and attention that they need.

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Tank Requirements

The first step in caring for your elegance corals is to ensure that your tank is suitable for them. These corals require a well-maintained and stable reef tank with a temperature of about 80°F, pH levels between 8.1 and 8.4, and a specific gravity range of 1.023 to 1.027. The tank should have moderate water flow, and the lighting should be tailored to the coral's needs.


Elegance corals are photosynthetic and can feed through their tentacles, which makes them unique. They require a balanced diet that includes rotifers, brine shrimp, and plankton. If your elegance coral isn't getting enough food, you might notice it closing up or retracting its tentacles. They also require additional feeding if they are in a lower light environment or if they have a lot of competition from other corals.

Water Changes

Water changes are essential for maintaining the health of your elegance coral. You should do a 10-15% water change every two weeks. This will help keep the water chemistry balanced and remove any toxins that could harm your coral.


Elegance corals are susceptible to a variety of pests, including flatworms, red bugs, and spider crabs. You should inspect your corals regularly for any signs of pests and treat them immediately if you notice any. You can use a variety of coral dips and medications to remove pests, but it is essential to follow the instructions carefully to avoid harming your coral.


Elegance corals are a beautiful addition to any reef tank, and they are relatively low-maintenance compared to other corals. However, they do require proper care to thrive. You should ensure that your tank meets the requirements, feed them with a balanced diet, perform regular water changes, and inspect them regularly for any pests. By following these tips, you can enjoy the elegance and beauty of your Elegance coral for many years to come!


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