Acan coral care and information

Acan coral care and information

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Acan coral care and information

Acans corals, or Acanthastrea, are beautifully colored coral species found in the wild in the Indo-Pacific region. These corals are easy to care for and have become a popular choice for aquarists. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of Acans corals, exploring everything from their habitat to keeping them in your aquarium.

General Information on Acan Corals

Acan corals are part of the family Lobophylliidae, which includes other stony corals. They typically have a smooth surface, with a well-defined pattern of valleys and ridges on their surface. These corals come in different colors, from bright green to pink, orange, and red. In the wild, Acans corals are found in shallow reefs, slopes, and lagoons, where they attach themselves to hard substrates like rocks or dead coral.


Harvesting of Acan Corals in the Wild

Corals play a vital role in marine ecosystems, but unfortunately, many species, including Acans, are harvested illegally or unsustainably. It’s important to note that most countries have laws and regulations on coral collection, and aquarists should be aware of these regulations, especially when buying or importing corals.

While some corals, like Acropora, have been harvested for the aquarium trade through unsustainable methods like blast fishing, Acans are relatively easy to collect without damaging their natural habitat. Collectors usually use chisels, hammers, or similar tools to remove Acans corals gently. Some collectors also use modified vacuum attachments to suction the coral without handling it directly.

Keeping Acans Corals in Your Aquarium

Acans corals are a great addition to any aquarium, as they add vibrant colors and unique patterns to your tank. Here are some tips to help you keep your Acans healthy and happy:

  1. Water quality: Maintaining water quality is crucial for the health of your Acans. They thrive in water parameters between pH 8.2-8.4, with a salinity of 1.025. Keep the temperature stable between 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Lighting: Acans corals require moderate to high lighting in your tank. In the wild, they are found in shallow areas where they receive sufficient light. The lighting should be adjusted according to the size of your tank and the depth of the water.

  3. Proper placement: Acans corals should be placed on a hard substrate like rocks or flat surfaces in your aquarium. They tend to expand and grow rapidly, and they may damage other corals.

  4. Feeding: Acans corals are heterotrophic, which means they feed on small organisms like zooplankton. You can provide them with powdered food designed for corals or feed them small pieces of shrimp or squid.



Acans corals are beautiful and easy to care for, making them a popular choice for aquarists. These corals can be found in the wild in shallow reefs and lagoons in the Indo-Pacific region. Aquarists should ensure that their corals are responsibly sourced and that they follow the regulations in their country. With proper care and maintenance, your Acans corals can add color and life to your aquarium.


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