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MOMMA Eclectus Jawbreaker Mushroom Coral WYSIWYG

MOMMA Eclectus Jawbreaker Mushroom Coral WYSIWYG

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This is a huge Jaw breaker mushroom.  It has been spitting off babies left and right.  We did frag off the babies so now its only the mom.  Its about the size of a half dollar or honestly even bigger.  Absolutely gorgeous mushroom!


What tanks are best for Mushrooms?

Normally easy to care for and happily take food when target feeding. These corals will normally spread their feeders wide when happy and/or hungry. We recommend feeding 1-2 times a week. These corals of course some in many different sizes and shapes. We also love to dose trace elements with added Iodine.


What should I feed my Mushrooms?

Mushrooms will take a wide Verity of foods such as reef roids and Mysis Shrimp juice. Here at Koral Kingdom we feed our Mushrooms amino acids that we pour in front of a power head. We also Broadcast feed our tanks Red Sea AB+ which helps them get the nutrients that they need.



What Flow and Lighting do I need for my Mushroom Corals?

These corals are normally comfortable in the medium to lower sections of our reef tank. Moderate flow is highly recommended as it will naturally catch food. These corals do like direct light so try not to tuck them too far under a ledge.

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